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Every month, people around the world gather to take part in one of humanity’s oldest social and spiritual traditions—sitting together around a sacred fire .

All people alive today are descended from ancestors who lived in the earliest days of humanity. These early people depended on Fire’s protection, warmth, light and energy—and their relationship with Fire went beyond mere utility.

Our ancestors understood the power of Fire to open hearts and forge courageous, compassionate connection to self, others and nature.

For thousands of years, time spent in council around sacred fires helped people connect with Spirit, resolve conflicts and deepen relationships. As our world has grown faster and more complex, the advantages of the human-Fire partnership have largely been forgotten.

Sacred Fire reignites the opportunity to experience Fire’s benefits once again.

“I left the community fire lighter, freer, and more human, unburdened of the weight of what I’d been carrying and more connected to those around me…I was filled with the sense of having found a place where it’s okay to be as I am. ”

JESSE ABERCROMBE > Sacred Fire Carrollton, GA

Become a Firekeeper

Our world today really needs the gifts of Fire and the connection to life and community Fire brings. If you feel a calling to learn the skills of Fire Work, please contact us.

Firekeepers undertake a year-long orientation and training before becoming initiated and authorized to host sacred fires for their communities. Firekeepers make a commitment to hold Fires monthly for their community and to engage in continuing education to cultivate their skills.

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When facilitated well, Fire opens a door to personal healing and brings clarity to life’s meaning and purpose.

Sacred Fire calls this method of connection Fire Work. Community fires are hosted by Firekeepers who are continuously trained in the time-honored principles of how to expand and enrich relationships through the connective and transformative power of Fire.

They offer a space for the spontaneity, inspiration, and life challenges brought by all who attend, bringing fresh perspectives and opportunities for personal and group transformation. We can then carry any benefits received to our homes, our communities, and the world.

Sacred Fire community fires are attended by people from all walks of life, perspectives, beliefs, and traditions. You’re welcome to join us!

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Sacred Fire hosts a growing number of community fires in locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Greece and Australia.

Use our visual map to find a fire in your area.

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