An ancient idea that is gaining momentum in our society: Life Cycle Living

“In listening to and learning about how each stage of life contains a particular gift for community as well as a job of personal growth, I felt some pain and sadness at how I had moved in my own life, as a father and young man, without proper guidance to navigate that part of my life. This discovery awakened a need to grieve and let go of old sadness and shame, and to claim a deeper sense of purpose in my work and a stronger connection with my children, who are now young adults.”


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Human societies throughout history have moved through the stages of life with teachings on how to do so, ceremonies that help align our lives to the natural world, and initiations that help move us through major life transitions, such as from childhood to adulthood.

LifeWays provides workshops, ceremonies, and initiations that support us through the phases and transitions we all experience, helping us align with the wisdom and gifts of each phase of life.

We call this alignment Life Cycle Living.

Behind all LifeWays offerings is the deep-rooted belief that ageless human wisdom is available to guide us through anything we face.


LifeWays Programs

Life Cycle Living is the backdrop for all LifeWays programs.

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