Awakening to the Cycles of Life

Programs and Online Events that Open our Awareness to Life Cycle Living

“In listening to and learning about how each stage of life contains a particular gift for community as well as a job of personal growth, I felt some pain and sadness at how I had moved in my own life, as a father and young man, without proper guidance to navigate that part of my life. This discovery awakened a need to grieve and let go of old sadness and shame, and to claim a deeper sense of purpose in my work and a stronger connection with my children, who are now young adults.”


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The sun comes up, we wake, have breakfast, and watch the morning give way to the heat, activity, and work of the day, then relax into social time and evening activities before we close our eyes to recharge and begin again tomorrow.

Parents experience their children being born, see them learn and grow at school, enter the world, find jobs, get married, and have children of their own—much like plants sprout, grow, and produce seeds for the next generation.

We are infants, children, adolescents, young adults, mid-life adults, mature adults, and then we look to what’s beyond.

These cycles of life are part of us, but somehow we’ve been taught to ignore them, and therefore we miss out on the empowering gifts that are offered by each. Long ago, everyday people across the world experienced the importance of moving through each stage of life in a meaningful way, using the gifts each brought to benefit not only the individual but the entire community.

This weekend exploration starts a conversation—both within us and between us—to awaken an innate wisdom that has nearly been lost in the speed and progress of our lives today.

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